• Stadler Form Anna

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    Anna raises the temperature! Not just because of her hot looks, but mainly because this wonderful little heater is equipped with a modern PTC ceramic heating element. Anna heats discreetly and quietly with two power levels, bringing agreeable warmth. But the clever heater also stands for safety in two respects: no overheating thanks to the PTC heating element (self-regulating ceramic) and automatic shut-off thanks to the integrated tilt protection. If additional warmth is needed in certain places (e.g. under the desk or in a small space), then also check out our Anna Little. She is also "hot" enough.

    • Type: Heater
    • Power: 800-1500 Watt
    • Dimensions: 5.75"W x 14.45"H x 3.74"D
    • Weight: 4.3 lbs
    • Very slim housing
  • Stadler Form Anna Little


    • Power: 700-1200 Watt
    • Dimensions: 5.75"W x 9.29"H x 3.74"D
    • Weight: 3.3 lbs
    • Very slim housing
  • Stadler Form MAX Fan/Heater


    Max Fan Heater makes any room cozy during cold weather.

    Max is a reliable fan heater capable of being just a fan during the summer and a toasty heater during the winter. This space heater is quiet and elegant. He sits solidly on 3 metal weighted legs. Max's design and functionality works well with contemporary office or home furnishings. He definitely adds a splash of color and flare with his award winning contemporary design. His bright red is a welcome respite from the gray winter months. This space heater is especially helpful during the seasonal transition, when the main heating is not running. Max has a power rating of 750 or 1,500 watt and features an infinitely adjustable thermostat dial. This space heater also has thermal overload protection.
    • Type: Heater
    • Rated power: 750 / 1,500 Watt
    • Dimensions: 11.4" W x 14.6" H x 10.6" D
    • Whisper quiet fan
    • Accent on Design Award International Gift Show New York
    • Design Awards Chicago Housewares.