Stadler Form AQUILA Ultrasonic Humidifier

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Designed by Matti Walker for Stadler Form, Aquila, an ultrasonic humidifier, is petite in stature, powerful in performance, and simple in operation. Illuminated by a soft, calming light, Aquila efficiently emits a cool, steady mist into a small space, counteracting the discomforting effects of a dry climate such as dry skin, cracked lips, or sinus congestion. Aquila gives you the comfort you need when you need it.







  • Efficiently emits up to 1 gallon of moisture per day in rooms up to 250 square feet in size

  • Dimmable LED lights for sensitive sleepers

  • Equipped with the patented Water Cube, maintaining clean water in the tank, and an AntiCalc Cartridge, collecting the white dust many other ultrasonic humidifiers emit into your space

  • Automatically shuts off when the spacious 0.8-gallon water tank is empty, and is easy to clean with an additional purchase of Zero Calc

  • Suitable Accessories: Water Cube, Anticalc Cartridge, and Zero Calc

  • Dimensions: 9.2” W x 9.7” H x 4.7” D; Weight: 2.4 lbs.; Rated Power: 25 Watt