Stadler Form ALBERT Dehumidifier

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Though a necessity in damp environments, the typical dehumidifier disrupts the continuity of a common space, often harboring disdain. Albert— Designed by Matti Walker for Stadler Form— is atypical. Blending pleasing aesthetics and efficiency, Albert emanates class characterized by his two-tone, sleek case and rounded edges, beautifully blending into contemporary or traditional spaces alike. Cleverly hiding such features as caster wheels, a 1.2 gallon side-loading tank with pop-up handle, and automated air vent, Albert removes up to 5.4 gallons of moisture per day without producing a sound above a whisper, ultimately creating an inviting space where you can breathe deeply and relax.





  • Albert features 3 speed levels, a dimmable LED display and a unique 24-hour timer allowing you to program Albert’s desired operable time down to the minute. Also features Swing Mode for optimal air distribution in spaces up to 650 square feet in size and Night-mode for an undisturbed sleep

  • Albert operates in spaces as cool as 41 degrees Fahrenheit and is equipped with an automated defrost mode

  • Shuts off automatically when his 1.2-gallon water tank is full, keeping your mind at ease

  • Includes optional hose for constant drainage, allowing for ease and convenience

  • Dimensions: 13.8” W X 25.9” H x 9.9” D; Weight: 35 lbs.; Rated Power: 390 Watt