Stadler Form OSKAR LITTLE Humidifier - Stadler Form USA
Stadler Form OSKAR LITTLE Humidifier - Stadler Form USA
Stadler Form

Stadler Form OSKAR LITTLE Humidifier

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  • Virtually Silent - White Dust Free
  • High Performance - Emitting Up to 1.3 Gallons of Moisture Per Day
  • Easy to Fill, Clean and Maintain
  • Suitable for Rooms Up to 350 Square Feet

Marrying art, function and ease, Oskar Little is an evaporative humidifier with a high performance (1.3 gallons/day) that naturally hydrates your space. Unlike ultrasonic humidifiers, Oskar Little will not displace mineral deposits from the tap water (in the form of white dust) into your home.  Oskar Little has extremely low fan noise and no “glugging sound” from the water tank, unlike most humidifiers.  With a water level window and pocket door cleverly hidden on his side, Oskar Little is easy to refill with a pitcher or watering can, alleviating the common strain of fitting a bulky water tank beneath a water faucet. Your Oskar Little includes a Stadler Form Water Cube and a high performance antibacterial wick. Designed by Swiss designer, Matti Walker, for Stadler Form.


  • Includes a fragrance dispenser to freshen the air with your favorite pure essential oil (no synthetic oil, please), creating a relaxing or invigorating atmosphere
  • Environmentally-friendly— consumes low amounts of energy, humidifying small spaces up to 350 square feet, counteracting the effects of a dry climate, such as cracked lips, dry skin, or sinus congestion

  • Features 2 output levels, and automatically shuts off when the 0.7-gallon water tank is empty

  • Dimmable LED lights and an ultra quiet fan ensure an undisturbed night of sleep

  • Suitable Accessories: Oskar Filter Pack, Water Cube, Zero Calc, or Stadler Form Pure Essential Oils

  • Dimensions: 9.6” W x 11.4” H x 6.8” D; Weight: 5.5 lbs.; Rated Power: 6–18 Watt






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