Aroma Diffuser - Stadler Form
Aroma Diffuser - Stadler Form
Aroma Diffuser - Stadler Form
Stadler Form

Stadler Form JASMINE Aroma Diffuser

Regular price $59.99
  • Operates Up to 24 Hours (Interval Mode)
  • Swiss Engineered and Designed
  • Low Maintenance
  • Suitable for Rooms Up to 540 Square Feet 


Designed by Fabian Zimmerli for Stadler Form, Jasmine, an ultrasonic aroma diffuser, transforms what seems mundane, ordinary— into an inviting space with a little water and a few drops of your preferred Essential Oil.  Sitting coyly on the bedside table or at the corner of your desk, Jasmine beckons you to slow down and breathe in deeply—a gentle stream of fragrance. Elevate your senses, choosing the pure essential oil best suited as a homeopathic remedy or for aromatherapy, meeting your needs in a well-balanced space every minute of the day. Her long running time and low maintenance makes her ideal for home or office.

  • Jasmine uses ultrasonic technology, blending water and pure essential oil (no synthetic oil, please), emitting your favorite fragrance
  • Operates at interval mode (10 minutes on/ 20 minutes off), increasing running time to 24 hours, or continuous mode, promising 8 hours of a tailored, ideal experience

  • Choose from 6 vibrant colors, giving you the option that will complement your surrounding decor and reflect your style

  • Automatically shuts off when water empties, giving you peace of mind

  • Suitable Accessories: Stadler Form Pure Essential Oils, Zero Calc

  • Dimensions: 5.1” W x 3.5” H x 5.1” D; Weight: 0.9 lbs.; Rated Power: 7.2 Watt

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